Pseudomonas aeruginosa UCBPP-PA14, PA14_59960 (dsbA2)

Cytoplasmic Membrane
Outer Membrane
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Gene Ontology

Ontology Accession Term GO Evidence Evidence Ontology (ECO) Code Reference Comments
Molecular Function GO:0047134 protein-disulfide reductase activity
Inferred from Direct Assay
direct assay evidence used in manual assertion
24327342 Reviewed by curator
Biological Process GO:0045454 cell redox homeostasis
Inferred from Sequence Model
Term mapped from: InterPro:PS51352
match to InterPro signature evidence used in automatic assertion

Functional Classifications Manually Assigned by PseudoCAP

Translation, post-translational modification, degradation Other UCBPP-PA14 genes in this class

Functional Predictions from Interpro

Analysis Accession Description Interpro Accession Interpro Description Amino Acid Start Amino Acid Stop E-value
ProSiteProfiles PS51352 Thioredoxin domain profile. IPR013766 Thioredoxin domain 4 159 8.557
SUPERFAMILY SSF52833 IPR036249 Thioredoxin-like superfamily 23 213 2.93E-30
CDD cd02972 DsbA_family 58 190 4.81901E-14
Pfam PF13462 Thioredoxin IPR012336 Thioredoxin-like fold 48 201 1.8E-16
Gene3D G3DSA: 40 219 2.7E-47

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