DIAMOND BLASTX search (translated nucleotide versus protein) against one or more strains

Use this form for fast querying of a translated nucleotide sequence against a broader taxonomic group and millions of proteins. Diamond is thousands of times faster than BLASTP and BLASTX while maintaining a high degree of sensitivity.

The DIAMOND BLASTX command can be used as a fast and sensitive alternative to BLASTX searches. It translates a nucleotide sequence and performs and searches a database of protein sequences up to 20,000 times faster than the original BLASTX.

More details on DIAMOND are available at the developers' website

On this site, you can use DIAMOND BLASTX to translate a nucleotide sequence and query against a protein sequence database. For searches of large data sets (e.g. protein sequences from ALL strains in this database), this is now the only available option.

Note: If you prefer to use the orignal BLASTX, you can perform a BLASTX search against a single isolate here.

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