Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1, PA2492 (mexT)

Cytoplasmic Membrane
Outer Membrane
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Annotation Updates

Date Description Acknowledgements
Apr 29, 2002 Subcellular localization information added based on significance similarity to protein of known localization. Localization: Cytoplasmic. Localization Rating: Class 2. Jennifer L. Gardy & Fiona Brinkman, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Jan 25, 2011 New PubMed reference: 21075931. Literature review. Geoffrey L. Winsor (Brinkman Lab). Simon Fraser University, Canada
Sep 15, 2020 New gene name: mexT. New comment: Contains an 8_bp insertion at 2807703-2807710 which is the result of a duplication of the preceding 8_bp GGCCAGCC sequence at 2807695-2807702. When translated from this start codon, premature termination occurs at 2807857-2807859 and a MexT polypeptide of 89 amino acids is encoded (PMID:31859619).; PAO1 strains containing the 8_bp insertion are unable to express MexEF-OprN due to a non-functional MexT(PMID: 11040437). New PMIDs: 31859619, 11040437. Herbert P. Schweizer, University of Florida, USA