Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1, PA5541 (pyrQ)

Cytoplasmic Membrane
Outer Membrane
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Annotation Updates

Date Description Acknowledgements
May 12, 2005 New gene name: pyrQ. New alternate gene name: pyrC2. New protein name: dihydroorotase. New protein name confidence: Class 1. New evidence reference (Pubmed ID): 1527824. New comment: Deletion of pyrC and pyrC2 (pyrQ) results in pyrimidine auxotrophy; gene name changed from pyrC2 to pyrQ to conform with naming standards. Brichta, D M., Azad, K N., Ralli, P, O'Donovan, G A., Fields C.J., University of North Texas, USA
Aug 2, 2006 New EC number: Mapped from ExPASy proteomics server of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics ( Geoffrey L. Winsor and Fiona S.L. Brinkman. Simon Fraser University, Canada.