Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1, PA0763 (mucA)

Cytoplasmic Membrane
Outer Membrane
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Gene Feature Overview

Strain Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 (Reference)
Locus Tag
Replicon chromosome
Genomic location 831914 - 832498 (+ strand)
Transposon Mutants 1 transposon mutants in PAO1


RefSeq NP_249454.1
GI 15595960
Affymetrix PA0763_mucA_at
Entrez 879357
GenBank AAG04152.1
INSDC AAG04152.1
NCBI Locus Tag PA0763
protein_id(GenBank) gb|AAG04152.1|AE004511_5|gnl|PseudoCAP|PA0763
UniParc UPI000012F8D3
UniProtKB Acc P38107
UniRef100 UniRef100_P38107
UniRef50 UniRef50_P38107
UniRef90 UniRef90_P38107


Feature Type CDS
Coding Frame 1
Product Name
anti-sigma factor MucA
Product Name Confidence: Class 1
Evidence for Translation
Identified using nanoflow high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) in conjunction with microelectrospray ionization on LTQ XL mass spectrometer (PMID:24291602).
Charge (pH 7) -2.31
Kyte-Doolittle Hydrophobicity Value -0.315
Molecular Weight (kDa) 21.0
Isoelectric Point (pI) 5.74

Subcellular localization

Individual Mappings
Localization Confidence PMID
Cytoplasmic Membrane Class 3
Cytoplasmic Membrane Class 1
Additional evidence for subcellular localization

PDB 3D Structures

Accession Header Accession Date Compound Source Resolution Method Percent Identity
6IN9 MEMBRANE PROTEIN 10/24/18 Crystal structure of MucB in complex with MucA(peri) PSEUDOMONAS AERUGINOSA (STRAIN ATCC 15692 / DSM 22644 / CIP 104116 / JCM 14847 / LMG 12228 / 1C / PRS 101 / PAO1) 1.801 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 100.0
6IN7 TRANSCRIPTION 10/24/18 Crystal structure of AlgU in complex with MucA(cyto) PSEUDOMONAS AERUGINOSA (STRAIN ATCC 15692 / DSM 22644 / CIP 104116 / JCM 14847 / LMG 12228 / 1C / PRS 101 / PAO1) 1.96 X-RAY DIFFRACTION 100.0

Virulence Evidence

Source 1
Database VFDB : VF0091
Category Alginate regulation
Host Organism
Source 2
Database Victors : 4227
Category Alginate regulation
Evidence ECO:0000015
mutant phenotype evidence
Host Organism Medicago sativa
Notes mucA mutant attenuated for virulence in alfalfa seedling Infection model
Reference 12426404

Pathogen Association Analysis

Found in both pathogen and nonpathogenic strains
Hits to this gene were found in 45 genera

Orthologs/Comparative Genomics

Pseudomonas Ortholog Database View orthologs at Pseudomonas Ortholog Database
Pseudomonas Ortholog Group POG000737 (510 members)
Putative Inparalogs None Found


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